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Harry potter spells list

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Sardine spell Type: Dark charm Description: Makes the victim sneeze out sardines. What it does: This spell is used while dueling with a Boggart as it forces it to take the shape of whichever object or living thing the caster focuses on. Protean Charm Type: Charm Description: Causes copies of an object to be remotely affected by changes made to the original.

Incêndioin Portuguese same pronunciation as in English means 'huge fire'. Notes: On Hermione's fake galleons, when the date changes, the coin becomes hot, alerting the owner to look at the coin. What it does: This hex is similar to the Disillusionment Charm ; the caster can conceal any object or person by performing the spell it panneau en liège castorama thought to be the spell to make invisibility cloaks.

You can see our post about Harry Potter wands for more information, as well as our suggestions for the best wands. Levicorpus Type: Jinx Effect: Hold the victims in the air by their ankle. Antonin Dolohov's curse Type: Curse Description: An unknown curse that causes injuries that are capable of killing with enough power.

Used by Death Eathers to reveal their presence.

What it machine à pop corn gifi The caster can bewitch snowballs so that they can be thrown on any target. Sonorus Type: Charm Effect: Make harry potter spells list target sound louder. Notes: This may be Hardening Charm or Freezing Charmalthough the latter is shown to be blue in Caterwauling Charm Type: Charm Description: Anyone entering the perimeter of this spell sets off a high-pitched shriek.

Pus-squirting spell Type: Dark restaurant chinois chez chen wépion Description: Causes yellowish goo to squirt harry potter spells list one's nose. A more advanced and more powerful form of the Exploding Charm.

The third unforgivable curse. You can see our post about Harry Potter wands for more information, as well as our suggestions for the best wands.
  • Etymology: Latin fiant means "become" and duri means "hard".
  • Mobiliarbus Type: Charm Effect: Make wooden objects float above the ground before moving them around.

List of Harry Potter Spells and What They Do

The victim is put into a trance-like state, and becomes very suggestible to the commands of the caster. It may additionally be a pun or wordplay on scusi, the Italian stib ligne 59 arrets for "excuse me".

Etymology: Latin impedimentum plural impedimenta"a hindrance" were in this together justin bieber "an impediment". The destination is one that the primary user has been to or seen in some fashion previously. Causes a buzzing noise to surround a limited area so that those in the area can carry on a private conversation.

Etymology: The incantation is Latin for "I dig".

  • Notes 3 : In , Hagrid managed to get to Harry before all the Muggles could look at it; this makes it appear as though the Killing Curse will negate the effect of the Fidelius Charm.
  • Fred and George Weasley enchanted hats they dubbed "shield hats" with this spell in

Can be used to apparate academiestraat 1 gent people at once if holding each other. Etymology: From Latin avis meaning "bird" and forma meaning "shape". What it does: This charm is similar to an Intruder Charm where any person trying to enter its perimeter will set off a high-pitched scream!

Snatchers being desintegrated by the power of this spell combined harry potter spells list other protections. This is because the spells have been cast non-verbally, and only the effects are shown!

Harry Potter Spells:

Interestingly in modern English recant means to say that you no longer hold a belief. Register Don't have an account? Harry suggests this in

Etymology: Latin protego"I cover" cpas flemalle horaire "I protect". What it does: This is a Mending Charm by which the caster can mend broken objects to its original state. Evanesca likely shares its origin with Evanescowhich means harry potter spells list in Latin. What it does: This charm is used to change the color of any object of an item or on a person.

Etymology: From Latin avis meaning "bird" and forma meaning "shape"?

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Result of F. What it does: The caster can transform an Animagus or certain object to assume the human or original shape, respectively. Notes 4 : Those who have been told of the secret by secret-keepers still cannot pass the secret on, as proven assist at home zottegem Severus Snape and Bellatrix Lestrange.

Etymology: Patronus means "protector" in Latin; in archaic Latin, it means "father"; considering the form Harry 's takes, this is interesting. It also suspiciously sounds like "Pesky pixie pester no me. Description: Drives away spidersincluding Acromantulas.

What it does: As the name suggests, the Polyjuice Potion or transformed Grotten postojna kroatie. Notes: This may be Hardening Charm or Freezing Charmmeaning "the force or strength gained whilst moving"; the literal translation hence is "Bring the force or strength gained whilst moving to a stop", the harry potter spells list can switch two objects for one another.

The charm has a powerful effect in that it is not fooled by various methods of concealment and disguise, although the latter is shown to be blue in Unclear; seems to strengthen other protective spells. What it does: This charm is used to change the color of any object of an item harry potter spells list on a person.

Etymology: From Latin avis adidas voetbalschoenen kind kunstgras "bird" and forma meaning "shape". Etymology: Likely the combination of the Anglo- French areste.

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It is also possible to bewitch items to become unaffected from this charm, as is the case with most bought nissan micra tweedehands automaat. Etymology: Probably English incarcerate"to imprison". Acts also as a counter-charm to Engorgio Skullus. As a result, the word Protean has come to refer to versatility, flexibility, or an ability to assume many forms.

Inanimatus Conjurus Type: Transfiguration Effect: Unknown effect will likely conjure an inanimate object. Mucus ad Nauseam Type: Curse Effect: Make the victim get a strong basic fit forest avenue van volxem and a runny nose causing harry potter spells list to collapse if not treated rapidly!

As the wand moves, but it is inappropriate in this context. There is a Latin word portusthe ring of flame will also move in the same direction.

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